One standard to choose a suitable supplier of height adjustable desk:


The column gap



The smaller the assembly gap, the higher the requirements for the designer. The designer must take a suitable assembly gap and consider the following three points:

1. The assembly gap is too small, and the assembly difficulty of the workers is increased.

2. The assembly gap is too large, the stability of the table is lowered, and the table becomes easy to shake.

3. The actual situation of the factory (factory equipment, worker level, product raw materials, etc.)

Designers need to consider the above three points comprehensively, relying on their own experience, repeated verification, and finally get a fitting gap that is most suitable for their own factories, to achieve the following effects:

1. It can guarantee the stability of the product as well as the actual situation of the factory.

2. Guarrantee the quality of the products, and timely delivery, thereby improving the turnover rate of the client's funds, the use of funds more efficient, and therefore more profit.


The smaller the assembly clearance, the higher the accuracy requirement for the part. To ensure the production of high-precision parts, the factory needs to meet the following five points:

1. The production and processing equipment has high precision and good quality.

2. The quality inspectors are professional and responsible, and the accuracy of each part must be guaranteed.

3. Employees are highly conscious of quality and are responsible for the certification of each part of their products.

4. The staff's parts-processing technology is super, ensuring that the parts to be processed are accurate.

5. The company's production process is complete and reasonable to ensure the quality and quantity of the products.


So the smaller the assembly gap of a company column means:

1. The factory has strong R&D and design capabilities.

2. The factory's production equipment is good.

3. The factory's quality management is perfect

4. The professional skills of factory workers are reliable.

5. The factory production process is good.

Conclusion: The smaller the assembly gap, the more reliable the company's overall strength.